Active Employment Measures “The New Opportunities” Programme Call for Proposals TR/0205.01/002 issued by the CFCU

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Note: Many questions that have been received concerning this Call can be answered by carefully reading the Guidelines for Applicants.

General Issues

1. What does NGO mean?

The abbreviation "NGO" stands for "non-governmental organization".

2. Where could we take statistics for the justification of a project?

The Provincial offices of IŞKUR will provide any statistics relevant to the situation at the local labour market. State Statistical Institute data and any other references from SPO, donors’ reports, etc.

3. What is assessed as a managerial capacity: experience of the organization or experience of the staff employed?

Experience in managing of similar actions and of the staff employed to implement the project.

4. What is the difference between "technical" and "administrative support staff"?

The technical staff includes consultants, experts, seminar lecturers etc. The administrative staff includes a project manager, project coordinators, accountant and others, which are included in the project implementation staff.

5. Even the project will have 65, it is not certain that it will be awarded, is it?

Yes. The highest scoring projects will receive the available funding.

6. Is CFCU an organization that works under İŞKUR?

No. CFCU is the Contracting Authority and the Implementing agency and delegated part of the technical implementation of the Grant scheme to IŞKUR.

7. Can we get the address, e-mail and telephone numbers of the CFCU?

You can get any information about the New Opportunities Programme at and any other official enquiries must be submitted in written to the CFCU by the deadline set under calls for proposal.

Eligibility of Applicants and Other Entities (section 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 of the Guidelines for Applicants)

8. Do the project partners need to be non-profit organisations?

Partners have to be non-profit organisations. Also they should meet all the eligibility criteria except having their Headquarters in Turkey. Profit making organisations cannot be partners but they can take part in the project as associates. (please see Guidelines for Applicants .2.1.2. )

9. Is it possible for a foundation to apply in partnership with a business company?

Business companies can take part only as an Associate. In the Guidelines for Applicants, point 2.1.1. "Eligibility of applicants: who may apply" are enumerated the eligibility criteria to which the applicant must comply. Partners of applicants must satisfy the same eligibility criteria as those for applicants.

10. I am an employer and my employees need training. May we benefit from this scheme?

Not by yourself. You should apply just as an Associate. You may benefit from the scheme as long as the content of the project allows for job creation and if training is planned for employees responding to eligible target group

11. Could an organization apply with more than one project?

Yes, it could be possible.

12. Could an organization be a partner in more than one project and at the same time to be an applicant?

Yes, it is possible.

13. How many times a district, municipality, organization could be a partner?

There are no restrictions regarding the number of participations as a partner or as an associated organisation.

14. Could the main applicant be a consortium?

No, it could not.

15. Could an NGO, which is implementing another EU funded project at the moment, participate?

Yes, it could as long as it is not repeated for the same action.

16. Do the Governorships which want to be a partner in the projects have to be partner or associate?

Governorships can be a partner or associate .You can get more information in Guidelines for Applicants 2.1.2.

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